Play Houses

Our Den 

Ideal for the very young children. The Our Den playhouse measures 5′ wide x 4′ deep and is a single storey playhouse


The single storey Wendyhouse measures 5′ wide x 5′ deep. It has a small overhang on the roof and includes a side window

Clock House

The Clock House measures 5′ wide x 7’6″ deep which includes a 2’6″ deep veranda, along with a side window. This is a single storey playhouse.


Our most popular single storey playhouse, measuring 6′ wide x 8′ deep which includes a 2′ veranda and one side window. 

Holly Cottage

A fantastic two storey playhouse for the smaller garden, measuring 6′ wide x 8′ deep. The lowest priced playden with an upper bunk. 

Hansel & Gretel

This superb play house includes an upper bunk and a veranda. It measures 8′ wide x 7’6″ deep inc the veranda. A side window can be added for an additional cost.

    Lumberjack                Cabin

This model has a similar spec to the Hansel & Gretel but does not include the Veranda. measuring 8′ wide x 5′ deep and includes an upper bunk. 

     Gardeners                Cottage

This is a dual purpose playhouse designed to suit the grownups aswell as the kiddies. Cleverly created with one elevation based on a playhouse theme whilst the front of the building has the appearance of a summerhouse & benefits from a full height door, making it ideal for storage of garden furniture & toys

Ladybird Lodge

The Ladybird Lodge measures 8′ wide x 8′ deep which includes a 3′ veranda. This playhouse also includes a side window plus a spacious bunk above the veranda.

Sheriffs Lodge

The Sheriffs Lodge playhouse features an upperbunk with a cell below, it also includes one side window. Measuring 8′ wide x 7’6″ deep including the 2’6″ veranda.

Orchard Cottage

The Orchard Cottage play house measures 10′ wide x 5′ deep. Featuring a play garage as well as an upperbunk which is positioned above the garage. 

   Bumblebee               Cottage 

This playhouse features a dormer with a fixed window (accessible from inside). The Bumblebee Cottage includes an upperbunk (approx 10′ x 3′) above the veranda and entrance gate. The playhouse measures 10′ wide x 8′ deep including the veranda giving an internal measurement of 10′ x 5′.