Viking Apex

The viking has an apex roof 5’6″ to eaves rising to 6’6″ ridge. 33″wide door. 2″x1″ framework. 

Conway Apex 

The Conway Apex is an ideal store shed with 5’9″ eaves rising to a 6’9″ ridge giving ample headroom. 34″ wide door 

Superior Apex

A multi purpose building ideal as a shed or workshop. 5’9″ eaves, 6’10” ridge height. 2’6″ wide door. Available with security windows

Sandel Pent

A popular shed with 6’4″ head height at the front ridge sloping to 5’9″ at the rear. the door can be situated in a variety of positions

Sterling Pent

The sterling pent is an ideal shed built for the taller customer. a head height of 7’4″ to the front sloping to 6’10” at the rear.

BT Pent 

The BT Pent is the perfect place for any DIY enthusiast or for those who just like to potter. 6’6″ at the front, 6′ at the rear.door is 5’9″ x 2’6″ wide. choice of door positions available. 

Eden Log Store

The Eden Log Store is a multifunctional apex building. A built in log store space to the outside creates an internal workbench on the inside of the building.

Castle Cabin

An economical summerhouse or a garden shed. A 12″ overhang and 2 joinery type fixed Georgian style windows are fitted as standard. Additional windows are available as an optional extra.

Leeds Castle

A pretty garden shed which comes with a 2’9″ wide door, 2 leaded fixed arched windows and a 1′ roof overhang.

Hobby Apex

An attractive & versatile apex which is an ideal storage building pleasing to the eye. Built with 6′ high walls rising to a 6’9″ ridge. Fixed windows are fitted to the front & one fixed window to each side. 

Hobby Deluxe

The Hobby Deluxe has the same spec as the Hobby Apex but with the additional decorative features. This includes a 1′ roof overhang, scalloped facias, antique hinges & leaded windows. A 2′ verandah can be fitted as an optional extra.

BT Hobby Apex

A multi purpose building, ideal as a shed or summerhouse. 5’9″ eaves, 2 fixed windows to the front and one on either side. 1′ overhang at the front with scalloped facias. Available in a range of sizes from 7×5.

Castle Potting Shed

The Potting shed is ideal for gardening enthusiasts to allow those tender seedlings time to grow before planting outside. door can be positioned either left or right hand end. 

Sandel Pent Potting Shed

This building gives good storage and also excellent light to enable you to grow your own plants from seed. An internal bench is provided to hold plant trays & 2 opening windows as standard.

   Solar Potting             Shed

The perfect suntrap to allow those tender seeedlings time to grow before planting out. Choice of door position, Staging supplied. A stable door is available as an optional extra.

     Pent Potting              Shed

The Pent Potting lets in a huge amount of light, ideal for growing seeds and plants. 6’6″ at front sloping to 6′ at the rear. staging and 2 opening windows as standard.

      Tool Store

The tool Store is ideal for people with limited space, it also allows you to keep your garden tools under lock & key. Complete with double doors as standard, each door approximately 18″ wide. 5′ high at the front rising to 5’5″ at the rear.

BT Tool Shed

An ideal sized storage shed with double opening doors.

4×2 has a single door.


The Pelham gives the best of both worlds. Similar to the Bantock but supplied with joinery quality Georgian windows for an eye pleasing appeal. 

BT Cabin

A beautifully fronted winged garden shed, supplied with joinery quality Georgian windows. a choice of door positions available. 

BT Bantock

All the advantages of a pent roof plus the extra height afforded by the apex. 6’6″ eaves, 7’9″ ridge  

Stratford Apex

This solid heavy duty apex is ideal for a variety of uses. Built with 3"x2" framework throughout, 6' eaves rising to 6'10" ridge. A double door is available for an additional cost.

BT Workshop

A fantastic workshop, comes as standard with a fully framed door and a half (3'6" opening), opening window, 6' eaves rising to 7' ridge height.